5 Tips to Make Your Windshield Wipers Last Longer

dbf35cb3707945ae8add9a91125d126axReplacing windshield wipers are a common annoyance for many people and it seems as though those pesky little things don’t last too long. What you may not know is that there are a couple basic tips to make your wipers last longer. Following these steps below will ensure your windshield wipers stay in good shape while minimizing streak marks.

1. Remove debris from wipers before getting in the car

Have you ever flipped on your wipers to get rid of the leaves that have fallen on your windshield? It may seem harmless, but doing so can actually damage and wear away the rubber on your wipers. Before getting into your vehicle, pick off any debris with your hands (leaves, snow, tree branches, etc.) from your windshield.

2. In snowy or icy conditions, avoid using wipers until fully defrosted

Although it may seem harmless, it’s not a good idea to use your windshield wipers as ice scrapers to wipe away the frost on your windshield. Doing so will quickly wear down the rubber encasing on your wipers and shorten its lifespan. Keep an ice scraper in your glove box to remove icy frost from your windshield.

3.  Clean your wipers every week

Since windshield wipers are black, it may be hard to see how much dirt has been accumulated. At the end of every week, don’t forget to wipe off your wipers with a wet paper towel or microfiber cloth. Dirt and tiny particles tend to build up under the wipers every time you use them, so cleaning them will prolong its use.

4.  Avoid using the wipers when the windshield isn’t wet

Friction between the windshield and your wipers, especially when the windshield is hot can cause the wipers to wear down prematurely. Make sure to only use the wipers when it’s raining.

5.  Don’t park in direct sunlight

Try to avoid parking in direct sunlight, as the sun’s powerful UV rays can cause the windshield wipers to dry up and crack. Parking in the shade will not only protect your wipers, but prevent your car’s paint from fading or discoloring.


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