The Pros Answer: What Are the Best Car Detailing Products?

best car detailing products swissvax

Your car is one of your most valuable possessions, so it is important to use the best car detailing products when taking care of your vehicle. We swear by SwissVax detailing products for our platinum detailing service. Each container is blended and poured by hand, taking your car detailing experience to the next level!

We firmly believe that we use only the best car detailing products on the market, but in case you’re having trouble deciding what’s worthwhile, we put together a list of our favorite SwissVax products.

SwissVax Entry Collection

The SwissVax Entry Collection includes the basic SwissVax cure surface care products necessary for a successful entry into the world of Swissvax. This is the perfect kit to tide you over in between professional detailings. Housed in a handy cooler bag, there’s no easier way to keep your car detailing products together and ready to transform your vehicle at a moment’s notice.

SwissVax Quick Interior Finish

For a simpler fix that still leaves your car looking fresh, this 10-minute fix removes dirt, dust, and fingerprints on all of your interior surfaces. A great way to spruce up your car in between detailings – without all of the steps of the entry collection.

SwissVax Quick Finish Paintwork Quick Detailing

This is the quickest way to touch up your exterior and remove dust, dirt, and other debris effortlessly – and without water. Perfect for spot cleaning between professional detailing and small enough to keep in your glove compartment, we can’t say enough good things about SwissVax QuickFinish.

At Mobile Auto Salon, we truly believe in the value of a professional detailing service with only the best car detailing products, but we recognize that sometimes you have to wait a little longer than is ideal between detailing appointments. With this list of our favorite detailing products, we hope you can keep your car looking its best all year long. 

Are you ready to dive into our platinum detailing service? Make an appointment to bring your car back to its original glory with Mobile Auto Salon.


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