Mobile Auto Salon: Premium Quality Car Detailing – Levittown PA

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You deserve the best, and so does your car. At Mobile Auto Salon, we strive to provide a level of service above the rest. That’s why we’re proud to offer the top car detailing Levittown PA has to offer. Our mobile, on-site service allows you to experience the ultimate luxury for your vehicle – no matter where you are!

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all service, and neither should you! We offer four levels of premium wash and detailing packages so that you get the perfect experience for your needs every time. We specialize in both residential and commercial auto detailing, so if your professional fleet needs cleanup, our crew can be there to provide that showroom-quality shine.

Wash and Wax

Salt and other winter grime have your car looking less than stellar? We’ll wash and wax your vehicle by hand and have it shining in no time.


Car interior need some TLC? Our Classic service takes your car up a notch with a deep clean of your vehicle inside and out.


With the same deep cleaning power of our Classic service, Gold turns up the heat with our orbital machine wax and luxury exterior paint treatment. Your car will be sparkling like new in no time.


Our Platinum package isn’t messing around. Using only the best SwissVax products, this package is the ultimate luxury. After treating your leather interior with cleaner, leather milk, and a special leather glaze, we shine your exterior with the world’s purest, hardest, most transparent wax. You won’t believe just how great your car can look.

Schedule Car Detailing Levittown PA Residents Love

At Mobile Auto Salon, it’s about more than just getting your car clean. We love helping you fall in love with your car all over again after seeing it shine like new. Schedule today to get your appointment set up!

The Pros Answer: What Are the Best Car Detailing Products?

best car detailing products swissvax

Your car is one of your most valuable possessions, so it is important to use the best car detailing products when taking care of your vehicle. We swear by SwissVax detailing products for our platinum detailing service. Each container is blended and poured by hand, taking your car detailing experience to the next level!

We firmly believe that we use only the best car detailing products on the market, but in case you’re having trouble deciding what’s worthwhile, we put together a list of our favorite SwissVax products.

SwissVax Entry Collection

The SwissVax Entry Collection includes the basic SwissVax cure surface care products necessary for a successful entry into the world of Swissvax. This is the perfect kit to tide you over in between professional detailings. Housed in a handy cooler bag, there’s no easier way to keep your car detailing products together and ready to transform your vehicle at a moment’s notice.

SwissVax Quick Interior Finish

For a simpler fix that still leaves your car looking fresh, this 10-minute fix removes dirt, dust, and fingerprints on all of your interior surfaces. A great way to spruce up your car in between detailings – without all of the steps of the entry collection.

SwissVax Quick Finish Paintwork Quick Detailing

This is the quickest way to touch up your exterior and remove dust, dirt, and other debris effortlessly – and without water. Perfect for spot cleaning between professional detailing and small enough to keep in your glove compartment, we can’t say enough good things about SwissVax QuickFinish.

At Mobile Auto Salon, we truly believe in the value of a professional detailing service with only the best car detailing products, but we recognize that sometimes you have to wait a little longer than is ideal between detailing appointments. With this list of our favorite detailing products, we hope you can keep your car looking its best all year long. 

Are you ready to dive into our platinum detailing service? Make an appointment to bring your car back to its original glory with Mobile Auto Salon.

The Best Car Detailing – Langhorne PA – Mobile Auto Salon

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Some call it nitpicky, but we call it perfection. Our attention to detail is what makes Mobile Auto Salon the best car detailing in Langhorne PA.

Every car we service is washed, polished, and detailed until it shines like new, and because we care about your car, we treat it just like we would our own.

Not enough to convince you? Here are more reasons why we are able to offer the best car detailing in Langhorne PA.

  • Nothing gets by us. Our attention to detail is unmatched. Every vehicle we service gets a full inspection to ensure that no stain, scratch, or water spot goes unnoticed. If you’re concerned about a more severe spot or stain, our experts will pay special attention to assess and determine the best way to take care of the issue.
  • We run with the big guys. Of course we’re happy to detail any car that comes our way, but we’d be lying if we didn’t express our love for luxury vehicles. From Mercedes and BMW to Ferrari and Rolls Royce – our team knows the ins and outs of luxury vehicle detailing.
  • We come to you! We understand that getting your car detailed takes time. From finding a detailer you trust, to going to their location, to waiting for your detailing to be complete, the whole process can be cumbersome and we know you don’t have time for that. That’s why Mobile Auto Salon comes to you. We work on site wherever is most convenient for you, so you can detail your car – without taking up your day. Would you rather an on-site visit? Come check out our brick-and-mortar location in Norristown, PA. We offer the same full service experience as our mobile service, nestled into our wonderful Norristown space.

What are you waiting for?

Treat Your Car to the Best Car Detailing in Langhorne PA

Explore our services. Make an appointment. Visit Us.

We can’t wait to help you!

What Is Car Detailing? Here’s What We Do – Mobile Auto Salon

Having your car detailed can be a total game-changer and help an old car feel like new, but what is car detailingHow do we help your car feel like new? At Mobile Auto Salon, we offer a variety of car detailing packages, ranging from basic detailing all the way to a premium experience.

what is car detailing

Classic Detail

Our classic detail package is the base of all of our car detailing services. A thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of your vehicle, our classic detail is the gold standard for car detailing services.

On the Inside

We start inside your vehicle where we conduct a spot clean of the headliner and visors, and thoroughly vacuum and clean your interior. We dress your dash and console then Spot shot all visible stains. Next we shampoo and clean all floor mats, carpet, and fabric upholstery, and clean, dress, and condition all vinyl and leather. We finish up your interior by dressing rubber moldings and cleaning all interior glass and mirrors.

On the Outside

Exterior car detailing begins with a hand wash and dry of the whole exterior. Then we clean and dress the wheels and wheel wells and clean down your door jams. After removing any bugs or tar, we hand wax your car with premium high-gloss wax and apply a one-coat glaze. Finally, we polish chrome and clean your glass and mirrors to leave your car as sparkling clean as the day you bought it.

Gold Detail

Our gold car detail package starts with the same magnificent clean and attention to detail included with our classic package. We up the ante with the power of orbital machine waxing and a 3-step exterior paint solution that removes imperfections and seals your paint from the elements.

Platinum Detail

Because you deserve nothing but the best, we also offer a platinum car detailing package, featuring hand blended and poured SwissVax products.

On the Inside

In addition to the stellar clean of our gold package, the Mobile Auto Salon Platinum Detail includes a leather cleaner, conditioner, and colorless glaze to wipe away imperfections and reduce signs of wear on your leather interior.

On the Outside

Our platinum service extends all the way to your car’s exterior. We hand wash your vehicle with a paint preserving solution that removes swirl marks, light scratches, and other debris without the use of any abrasives. This is followed by our famous Concorso™ wax to give your paint job a luster like no other. We finish your platinum car detailing experience with a layer of carnauba wax for a long-lasting shine. 

What is Car Detailing? It’s Our Specialty

Whether you choose to go with classic car detailing or treat yourself to a platinum experience, Mobile Auto Salon is here to help you keep your car looking its best. Schedule your detailing today!

Looking For Car Detailing? Horsham PA Turns To Mobile Auto Salon

Car detailing Horsham pa

Most of us barely have time for cleaning the house, let alone washing and detailing our vehicles. That’s why it pays to hire detailing experts like the ones at Mobile Auto Salon. You get all of the benefits of a freshly detailed, spotless vehicle without having to put in any of the time or sweat. What’s more, you don’t even have to change your schedule for a high-quality detailing with us. With our mobile detailing services, we’ll come to YOU to make your car pristine again. That’s why when in need of car detailing, Horsham PA residents turn to us.

Who Can Benefit From Car Detailing?

Think car detailing is only for show vehicles? Think again. We detail cars of every caliber and can handle even the dirtiest rides – car detailing is ideal for restoring a truly messy car back to showroom state! We’ll take off that caked-on grime, remove scratches and provide a protective coating that fights back against irritants.

At Mobile Auto Salon, we love taking the time to make your car look brand new again. That’s because we love cars and appreciate their invaluable role in our customers’ lives. Whether you’re racing to get to work on time, taking kids to practice or heading out for a weekend getaway, you depend on your vehicle.

How Long Does Detailing A Car Take?

We know you’re busy. But the best part about our team is that we come to you! We love to take our time to make your car look brand new again—but that doesn’t mean we want to take your time. We’ll detail your car while you’re at work or attending to things around the home.

How Much Does Car Detailing Cost?

We offer three levels of car detailing: classic, gold, and platinum. No matter which one you choose, you are choosing the highest-quality care and products from a company that appreciates your particular needs and budget. For car detailing Horsham PA car owners trust, look no further than Mobile Auto Salon.

High-Quality Car Detailing Horsham PA Prefers

Make an appointment or call our team today for stellar service! Let us restore your car to just-brought-it-home condition once again.

Give Your Car the Royal Treatment – Car Detailing – Bensalem PA

car detailing Bensalem Pa

As summer vacations come to a close and families throughout Bensalem return to their normal routines, schedules can get hectic fast. Between busy season at work and kids’ activities revving up, it’s easy to neglect things like keeping the car in good shape. Thankfully, with Mobile Auto Salon, giving your car the royal treatment has never been easier. In this post, learn about the car detailing Bensalem PA residents can’t get enough of.

Choose Mobile Auto Salon for Car Detailing Bensalem PA Prefers

The car detailing experts at Mobile Auto Salon will have your vehicle spotless in no time. Here are some of the perks of choosing us:

  • Superior Simplicity: Simply set your appointment to the time and location that works for you. Whether that’s at home or at work, we’ll come to you and detail your vehicle while you do your thing. In addition to choosing the appointment time that’s right for your schedule, you can also choose the detailing package that’s right for your budget.
  • Stellar Packages: With our three options of Classic, Gold, and Platinum, you’re sure to find one that suits you. Our Classic packages includes shampooing, hand-washing and drying, and waxing. The Gold Package steps up exterior cleaning to include a three-step exterior paint solution. Finally, our Platinum package utilizes the world’s finest car care products from SwissVax to provide the most meticulous car detailing inside and out.
  • Premium Protection: Car detailing from Mobile Auto Salon will provide your vehicle with a deep clean to remove seasonal residue. Plus, by choosing to detail your car before winter, you’re providing your car with the maximum protection against seasonal enemies like snow, ice, and leafy debris.

Schedule Your Supreme Car Detailing Today

You and your vehicle are worth the top-quality care that Mobile Auto Salon can provide. Make your appointment today and allow us to give your vehicle the celebrity treatment! No matter which package you choose, your car will be fit for royalty.

We Provide Preferred Car Detailing – Havertown PA

car detailing havertown paWhen it comes to our vehicles, we all have our own expectations of cleanliness. Some of us are satisfied with “basically clean” while aren’t happy till everything’s pristine. No matter what, we all know what it feels like to slide into a sparkling new vehicle straight off the showroom floor. (Hint: It’s a good feeling!) And while most of us can’t afford a brand new car every month, we can emulate that new-car feeling with high-quality car detailing. Havertown PA residents prefer Mobile Auto Salon for this kind of exceptional car care.

Car Detailing You Need; Convenience You Deserve

Most of us can barely find time for our usual daily tasks. The idea of adding even one extra chore can be overwhelming! However, making a habit of regular car detailing can improve your vehicle’s appearance drastically. It can also protect your car. When we don’t clean our cars and allow dirt, grime and other elements to accumulate, we risk the deterioration of the paint and other potential problems.

Mobile Auto Salon’s 3 Tiers of Superior Car Detailing

Mobile auto salon offers three premier car detailing packages sure to meet your needs and surpass your expectations:

  • Classic: Our Classic detailing package cleans your interior and exterior thoroughly, including shampooing, hand washing and drying, waxing, and more!
  • Gold: Our Gold package includes all of the benefits of the Classic plus additional detailing to remove caked-on sediment, hairline scratches, and swirl marks. This is a multi-layer exterior protection service to keep your car’s exterior gleaming.
  • Platinum: Our most exciting package combines all of the elements of Classic and Gold packages. In addition, we use hand-turned creams and cleaners to provide the highest level of cleanliness and protection against the elements.

Whichever package you choose, you’ll be sure to join the ranks of our many satisfied clients.

Car Detailing Havertown PA Prefers

Mobile Auto Salon is the superior mobile auto detailing service that comes right to you at the time and location of your choosing. With high quality of service, standards and cleaning supplies, we are lauded for our superior detailing work and known for our love of cars. Don’t trust your vehicle to just anyone. Make an appointment with Mobile Auto Salon.

Car Detailing Blue Bell PA Residents Should Spring For

car detailing blue bell paWhether detailing is something you do for your car regularly or are thinking about trying, now is the perfect time to go for it. Undoubtedly, the long winter has left a grimy layer of rock salt on your vehicle, which can have destructive consequences for its paint job. As car lovers, that’s why we recommend car detailing. Blue Bell PA counts on us to get the job done.

Why Rock Salt is a Big Problem for Your Car

Ice melt, or rock salt, may be a lifesaver when it comes to creating safe driving conditions during winter weather. However, when it sticks to your car’s exterior, its corrosiveness starts to eat away at the paint and can do a lot of damage. Even worse, once warm weather returns, the effects of any rock salt still clinging to your car can be even worse. That’s why it’s imperative to schedule your car detailing before spring.

Our Car Detailing Services

For car detailing Blue Bell PA residents can count on against winter damage, Mobile Auto Salon offers something to fit every budget:

  • Classic: This deep cleaning option is the basis for each of our premier detailing choices. It includes a thorough shampoo and cleaning of the interior, as well as a complete exterior wash and wax by hand.
  • Gold: To bump the treatment up a notch, we recommend the Gold package. Because it includes a special 3-in-1 exterior paint treatment, it offers a higher level of protection in addition to an intensive clean.
  • Platinum: This one’s for the car aficionado who wants a showroom-quality detailing. This treatment uses our highest-quality, limited-quantity products to provide the ultimate car wax and care system.

View all of our packages! No matter which level of detailing you choose, our expertise makes us the best choice for car detailing Blue Bell PA vehicles.

Car Detailing Blue Bell PA Prefers

Our customers love our convenience and customer service. Simply visit our website to make an appointment online or call us at 610-203-3415 to schedule an appointment. You choose the time and the place, and we come to you with our fully equipped mobile auto detailing truck. It is that easy to have a car that sparkles to welcome the spring.

Car Detailing Newtown Pa: A Public Service Announcement

car detailing Newtown PaOnce summer arrives, you might be thinking your car is in the clear now that it’s free of winter’s rock salt and spring’s pollen invasion. Unfortunately, the dog days of summer bring their own issues. That’s why our team at Mobile Auto Salon always offers the car detailing Newtown Pa prefers to clear out—and clean off—unwelcome passengers.

The Seasonal Struggles of Summertime

  • Grit: Though rock salt is long gone, ocean salt is par for the course in summer. Just like rock salt, it’s extremely corrosive to your car’s exterior. It can and will attack your paint job, tire rims, and undercarriage.
  • Glare: The bright sun’s glare is truly brutal for driving, but it also highlights the splotches and stains on your windshield. Plus, just as sunburn can damage your skin, ultraviolet rays can severely deterioration your car’s paint.
  • Greasy Grime: When it comes to UV rays, we depend on sunscreen to protect our skin. Yet that same sunscreen wreaks havoc on your car’s interior. The greasy, oily residue lingers on doors and handles and can soak into the fabric or leather of your car. Water-resistant by nature, this residue is tough to remove and requires protective, hardworking products and a lot of elbow grease.
  • Guts and Gunk: Bug guts and bird droppings aren’t just gross to look at. They also damage your vehicle’s paint job. This is partly due to the acidic nature of insect blood. Beyond that, the excessive heat of summer can make any animal byproduct more difficult to remove as the heat dries it into place.

You might think of these problems as simply unsightly sources of irritation, but dealing with them immediately is your best bet. The team at Mobile Auto Salon has the knowledge to restore your car to that showroom-quality shine.

For Superior Car Detailing, Newtown PA Trusts Mobile Auto Salon

For car detailing Newtown Pa car owners love, look no further then Mobile Auto Salon, your local car detailing expert. With 3 tiers of car detailing packages and appointments available 7 days a week, we offer exactly what you need. For further information or to make an appointment, fill out our contact form or call 610- 203-3415.

The Problem with Pollen: Car Detailing Bryn Mawr PA

car detailing bryn mawr paSpring has sprung! As fragrant flowers abound and green trees blossom beautifully, spring is finally here. Yet, with the beauty of the season comes the beast of pollen. A creeping, clinging villain that seemingly coats our world in a indomitable/invincible yellow dust.

To completely remove pollen from your car, you’ll want to seek out the best car detailing Bryn Mawr Pa has to offer with Mobile Auto Salon.

The Problem With Pollen

Pollen is needed in nature to pollinate flowers and help them grow. However, pollen is not very discerning. It will adhere itself to any surface in an attempt to find a final home. As such, it hijacks our vehicles every spring. Not only does it coat the exterior of our vehicles, but it creeps into every crevice, invading the interior of our vehicles as well.

This pollen can cause severe issues for the seasonal allergy sufferer, but even those who aren’t allergic to pollen notice changes in their health this time of year. To help yourself, and your loved ones, seek out the car detailing Bryn Mawr Pa car owners trust for the best interior and exterior detailing options with the experts at Mobile Auto Salon.

Interior & Exterior Car Detailing Bryn Mawr Pa Residents Need

When pollen attacks, a regular car wash just won’t do. That’s why the experts at Mobile Auto Salon, offer auto detailing Bryn Mawr Pa can rely on for a comprehensive and convenient service. With three tiers of detailing service, you’re sure to find the perfect detailing package that will fit your needs and your budget.

All of our detailing packages provide a deep cleaning that will not only rid your car of pollen but will leave your car looking like it just left the showroom floor! The advantages of an expertly detailed car are endless.

Complete Car Detailing Bryn Mawr Benefits From

For the on-the-go lifestyle so many of us are used to, we accommodate our clients with the convenience of a fully stocked truck that comes to you. Whether you’re at work or at play, we’ll have the job done at the time and location of your choosing. Don’t suffer unsightly pollen another day! Make an appointment online or call us at (610)203-3415.