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car detailing ardmore PaDriving our new car off the lot, we swear we’ll keep it clean. There will be no eating, no drinking, no trash, no breathing in this car–ever.  We threaten and cajole ourselves and our passengers to leave no speck of dust behind.

But it’s inevitable in our busy lives of long commutes, longer hours at work, and endless shuffling of kids to various activities that our cars gain the “lived in” look. That’s where Mobile Auto Salon comes in. We offer the inside-and-out car detailing Ardmore Pa vehicles need to look their best again!

Where Can I Find the Best Car Detailing in Ardmore Pa?

The answer is, wherever you are. The Mobile Auto Salon comes to you! Who has the time to bring their car to get detailed? In today’s hectic world, we rarely have a few hours to spare. And when we do, we don’t want to spend it taking care of our cars but enjoying life. Mobile Auto Salon can come to your home or place of employment at a time you select.  We will bring our fully equipped mobile car detailing truck to the location of your choice.  As our customer, you can feel confident we will treat your car as if it were our own.  Whether you choose our Classic, Gold, or Platinum detailing package, your car is in the experienced hands of car experts.  We also use high-quality products to ensure the treatment will last.

A Car Wash Ardmore Pa Residents Will Love!

We also offer our Signature Service Wash and Wax.  It’s perfect for keeping your car looking great all year long. This is a car wash Ardmore Pa can count on beyond any other speedy wash. Our hand wash stands above and beyond any other and is perfect for in between detailing appointments to keep your car fresh!

Our Customers Agree

One of our customers reviewed his pleasant experience with us: “Had the guys from the mobile auto salon come out today to clean the interior of my car. First off, my car was in bad shape and I wasn’t expecting showroom quality. I’m astounded at how well they did and how good my car looks now.” Give us a try. You’ll be surprised, too!

Call the Mobile Auto Salon today to schedule your appointment!

We will come to you. No matter the condition of your vehicle, we will bring back the sheen and clean you can be proud of.


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