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As summer vacations come to a close and families throughout Bensalem return to their normal routines, schedules can get hectic fast. Between busy season at work and kids’ activities revving up, it’s easy to neglect things like keeping the car in good shape. Thankfully, with Mobile Auto Salon, giving your car the royal treatment has never been easier. In this post, learn about the car detailing Bensalem PA residents can’t get enough of.

Choose Mobile Auto Salon for Car Detailing Bensalem PA Prefers

The car detailing experts at Mobile Auto Salon will have your vehicle spotless in no time. Here are some of the perks of choosing us:

  • Superior Simplicity: Simply set your appointment to the time and location that works for you. Whether that’s at home or at work, we’ll come to you and detail your vehicle while you do your thing. In addition to choosing the appointment time that’s right for your schedule, you can also choose the detailing package that’s right for your budget.
  • Stellar Packages: With our three options of Classic, Gold, and Platinum, you’re sure to find one that suits you. Our Classic packages includes shampooing, hand-washing and drying, and waxing. The Gold Package steps up exterior cleaning to include a three-step exterior paint solution. Finally, our Platinum package utilizes the world’s finest car care products from SwissVax to provide the most meticulous car detailing inside and out.
  • Premium Protection: Car detailing from Mobile Auto Salon will provide your vehicle with a deep clean to remove seasonal residue. Plus, by choosing to detail your car before winter, you’re providing your car with the maximum protection against seasonal enemies like snow, ice, and leafy debris.

Schedule Your Supreme Car Detailing Today

You and your vehicle are worth the top-quality care that Mobile Auto Salon can provide. Make your appointment today and allow us to give your vehicle the celebrity treatment! No matter which package you choose, your car will be fit for royalty.


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