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With Mobile Auto Salon, the best car detailing nearby is right at your fingertips. Unlike traditional car detailing where you have to visit and wait while your car is detailed, Mobile Auto Salon comes to you! In this blog, find out why car detailing is especially important during the summer months.

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Summertime Struggles: Why Detailing is Essential


Headed for the beach this summer? Watch out for salty, sandy spray collecting on your car, which can be corrosive. Especially at risk are your paint job, tire rims, and undercarriage, which are vulnerable to salt. Make getting your car detailed a priority upon returning from vacation!


Not only does the glare of the summer sun make it difficult to drive sometimes; it can also highlight any imperfections on your car. Ensure your car has a spotless gleam all summer long by investing in regular detailing. We’ll make sure when the sun hits your car, there’s nothing to see but a perfect shine.


Sunscreen may be the holy grail for UV protection in the summer, but it’s the sworn enemy of your car’s interior. Because sunscreen is greasy, it’s difficult to remove from fabrics and leather, often requiring the high-level products we use during a professional detailing. If you or your passengers typically slather on the sunscreen, don’t neglect regular detailing during the summer months.

Guts and other Gunk

Bug guts and bird droppings are an inevitable part of summer, unfortunately. While it’s tempting to leave them for another day, immediate action is the safest way to ensure they don’t do any lasting damage to your paint job. Car detailing is the surest way to make your car fresh and shining again.

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No time to keep your car clean all summer long? That’s where we come in. Mobile Auto Salon offers three great detailing packages priced to match any budget. With appointments available any day of the week, we’ve made convenience a priority. So take advantage of our top-rated services today!

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