Car Detailing Newtown Pa: A Public Service Announcement

car detailing Newtown PaOnce summer arrives, you might be thinking your car is in the clear now that it’s free of winter’s rock salt and spring’s pollen invasion. Unfortunately, the dog days of summer bring their own issues. That’s why our team at Mobile Auto Salon always offers the car detailing Newtown Pa prefers to clear out—and clean off—unwelcome passengers.

The Seasonal Struggles of Summertime

  • Grit: Though rock salt is long gone, ocean salt is par for the course in summer. Just like rock salt, it’s extremely corrosive to your car’s exterior. It can and will attack your paint job, tire rims, and undercarriage.
  • Glare: The bright sun’s glare is truly brutal for driving, but it also highlights the splotches and stains on your windshield. Plus, just as sunburn can damage your skin, ultraviolet rays can severely deterioration your car’s paint.
  • Greasy Grime: When it comes to UV rays, we depend on sunscreen to protect our skin. Yet that same sunscreen wreaks havoc on your car’s interior. The greasy, oily residue lingers on doors and handles and can soak into the fabric or leather of your car. Water-resistant by nature, this residue is tough to remove and requires protective, hardworking products and a lot of elbow grease.
  • Guts and Gunk: Bug guts and bird droppings aren’t just gross to look at. They also damage your vehicle’s paint job. This is partly due to the acidic nature of insect blood. Beyond that, the excessive heat of summer can make any animal byproduct more difficult to remove as the heat dries it into place.

You might think of these problems as simply unsightly sources of irritation, but dealing with them immediately is your best bet. The team at Mobile Auto Salon has the knowledge to restore your car to that showroom-quality shine.

For Superior Car Detailing, Newtown PA Trusts Mobile Auto Salon

For car detailing Newtown Pa car owners love, look no further then Mobile Auto Salon, your local car detailing expert. With 3 tiers of car detailing packages and appointments available 7 days a week, we offer exactly what you need. For further information or to make an appointment, fill out our contact form or call 610- 203-3415.


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