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auto detailing King of Prussia, PA

Everyone knows that after a long summer of high temps and serious sun, our cars look a bit rough around the edges. With busy vacation schedules squeezed in between work days, your car probably hasn’t gotten the TLC it needs.  At Mobile Auto Salon, we offer the auto detailing King of Prussia, PA needs to make cars look great again. In this blog, we’ll tell you about the TLC, or SPF, we provide.


Mobile Auto Salon offers premier service for auto detailing King of Prussia. Pa can rely on.  We provide auto detailing services all over Montgomery County! The expert technicians at Mobile Auto Salon treat every vehicle as if it is their own. That’s why our customers rave about us, like Lia, who shared this review on Yelp: “An IMPECCABLE job for a competitive price.  They can come to you, and they have great follow up and customer service. Using their service regularly is like always having a brand new car!”  Give us the chance to make your car shine like new again.


When we detail your car, we ensure that every crevice is thoroughly cleaned and cared for in addition to the basic exterior and interior. Because we hand wash and dry all vehicles in our care, no residue or water spots will be left behind. With only the highest quality products used on your vehicle, we will have your car looking showroom quality before you know it.


We can come to your home or office, or you can come to our brick and mortar location in Norristown PA. Either way you’ll experience the premier auto detailing King of Prussia Pa has been raving about.   Appointments are available 7 days a week, and with Classic, Gold, and Platinum levels of detailing, you’re sure to find something that perfectly suits your needs.

Visit Us in Norristown or Make an Appointment in King of Prussia

Treat yourself, and your car, to the luxury it deserves. Call Mobile Auto Salon (610) 203-3415 today for your appointment. You can stop by our location in Norristown for quick, convenient service, or fill out our online form to make a car detailing appointment online. You won’t be disappointed.

Perks & Packages – Mobile Car Detailing – Main Line Pa

mobile car detailing Main Line Pa

Summertime is here, and the time is right for a drive down to the shore or just out of town for a weekend getaway. But at the end of a long work week, the last thing you want to worry about is the polish and shine of your chariot before you get to escape for some fun. That’s where we come in! With Mobile Auto Salon, we give your ride the best mobile car detailing Main Line Pa has to offer this summer. The perks with us are pretty obvious.

Luxury Mobile Car Detailing Main Line Pa Depends On for a Stylish Clean

Custom: Choose the level of care that suits your needs—Classic, Gold, or Platinum.

  • Classic detailing is a combination of interior and exterior treatment for a thorough, meticulous clean.
  • Gold detailing adds next level exterior preservation to our classic detailing, for added protection.
  • Platinum detailing is for those looking for the ultimate car care products. We use SwissVax products that are hand churned and specially selected for luxury cars.

We also offer signature service in our basic car wash package.

Convenience: We’re excited to invite you to visit our brand new, brick-and-mortar facility in Norristown Pa for traditional, in-person care! We offer detailing and hand washing onsite and offer discounts for multiple vehicles—it’s perfect for Montgomery County residents in need of auto detailing.

If coming to our location does not work into your schedule, let us come to you. Our Mobile Auto Salon truck is fully equipped with all of the tools and materials necessary to provide you with the flawless mobile detailing Main Line Pa luxury car owners have come to expect.

Care: Don’t wait another moment to restore the showroom quality sheen to your vehicle. Make an appointment with Mobile Auto Salon now for the most pristine perfection your luxury vehicle has ever seen and let the summer sun find a rival for shine in your ride.

Contact Us for Your Car Care Needs Today!

With the convenience of Mobile Auto Salon, you can schedule your car detailing online or with your mobile device. Want to chat with us first? Call to speak with one of our highly specialized technicians about the car care options we provide: 610-203-3415.

auto detailing montgomery county

People who know us call us perfectionists. We can’t help it—it’s just who we are. With every car that’s brought to us, we wash, polish and detail until it looks better than it did when it left the dealership. It’s one of the things that makes our service the best auto detailing Montgomery County Pa residents have ever experienced. We treat your car with the same respect and care we treat our own cars, every time.

Here are some other reasons customers choose our superior auto detailing in Montgomery County Pa:

  • Our attention to detail is impeccable. Nothing gets past us! We’ll thoroughly inspect your vehicle to make sure we’ve attended to every stain, scratch or water spot. If there is some mark in particular you’re worried about, one of our car detailing experts can assess and decide the best course of action for dealing with it.
  • Luxury car owners trust us. Maybach, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari—we’ve seen and detailed them all. Luxury car owners know that we will not only handle their vehicle with care, but that we’re experts and well-versed in the particular cleaning needs of each make and model. Try to find another auto detailing Montgomery County Pa luxury car owners can count on like that!
  • We are unmatched when it comes to convenience. The number one thing that keeps car owners from getting their car the detailing it deserves is convenience. Sometimes it’s hard to fit dropping it off and picking it up in your scheduled. With us, it’s a non-issue. We’re a mobile auto salon, meaning we can come to you and work on-site whenever it’s convenient. We’ve got the best of both worlds, however, in that our brick-and-mortar location in Norristown, PA is full-service and ready to accommodate all of your hand car wash needs.

Treat Your Car to The Auto Detailing Montgomery County Pa Has To Offer

Take a look at our detailing servicesmake an appointment for us to come visit you, or swing by the shop to receive top-notch service. If you know someone with a vehicle that screams “WASH ME,” we have gift certificates that will make them smile! Call now to order one: 610-203-3415.


How to Prepare & Protect Your Car for Winter Driving


Making sure your car is well prepared for the upcoming winter months will ensure your safety and vehicle’s reliability. We’ve covered a few important tips to make sure you don’t have to deal with the hassle of being stuck on the side of the road during a heavy snow storm. Even if you have the convenience of roadside assistance, it may be hours before someone can reach you. The following vehicle checklist to make your car fully prepared for inclement weather will give you the peace of mind in avoiding any mishaps:

1. Check the battery level to ensure the charging system is at optimal levels. Colder temperatures and snowy terrain take a heavy toll on battery power.
2. Flush out and put in new antifreeze solution
3. Replace wiper blades with blades designed to protect from ice and snow. Choose a heavier gauge synthetic blend that can resist tearing and ripping even in sub-zero temperatures.
4. Consider replacing tires with winter tires specially designed for treading in snow and slick roads. Vehicles without all-wheel drive will benefit largely from winter performance tires.
5. Check the brakes and service your pads or rotors if necessary.
6. Stock a snow kit consisting of an ice scraper, snow brush and jumper cables.

Taking heed of the advice will make sure your car is in tip-top shape to take on any dangerous roads in the winter. The harsh winter with sleet, freezing rain or salted roads are especially harsh on car paint. Have your vehicle fully detailed and protected from the elements by scheduling an appointment with Mobile Auto Salon: (610)203-3415

Professional Car Detailing for the Summer

Clipboard01With bright and sunny days ahead for the Summer, now is the best time to pamper your car by a car detailing professional. Keeping your car well-maintained with a high glossy wax finish will turn heads and impress anyone on the road.

The car detailing experts at Mobile Auto Salon will ensure your car is meticulously detailed, cleaned and polished. If you live in and around the Greater Philadelphia area, we will come right to your home or office to detail your car.

Many luxury car owners from Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and BMW hire Mobile Auto Salon for a high-end wash, clean and polish. Properly detailing your car comes with a long list of steps and particular care must be taken in order to minimize water spots, eliminate scratches and cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

When detailing the interior of your car, a professional must be thorough with vacuuming places like seat gaps, crevices, air vents, infotainment panels, trunk space and more. Car detailing is a meticulous, but rewarding process and will give you the added appreciation the next time you take your favorite car for a spin.

Give your car a professional detail with Mobile Auto Salon. Give us a call today to make an appointment today: (610)203-3415

5 Tips to Make Your Windshield Wipers Last Longer

dbf35cb3707945ae8add9a91125d126axReplacing windshield wipers are a common annoyance for many people and it seems as though those pesky little things don’t last too long. What you may not know is that there are a couple basic tips to make your wipers last longer. Following these steps below will ensure your windshield wipers stay in good shape while minimizing streak marks.

1. Remove debris from wipers before getting in the car

Have you ever flipped on your wipers to get rid of the leaves that have fallen on your windshield? It may seem harmless, but doing so can actually damage and wear away the rubber on your wipers. Before getting into your vehicle, pick off any debris with your hands (leaves, snow, tree branches, etc.) from your windshield.

2. In snowy or icy conditions, avoid using wipers until fully defrosted

Although it may seem harmless, it’s not a good idea to use your windshield wipers as ice scrapers to wipe away the frost on your windshield. Doing so will quickly wear down the rubber encasing on your wipers and shorten its lifespan. Keep an ice scraper in your glove box to remove icy frost from your windshield.

3.  Clean your wipers every week

Since windshield wipers are black, it may be hard to see how much dirt has been accumulated. At the end of every week, don’t forget to wipe off your wipers with a wet paper towel or microfiber cloth. Dirt and tiny particles tend to build up under the wipers every time you use them, so cleaning them will prolong its use.

4.  Avoid using the wipers when the windshield isn’t wet

Friction between the windshield and your wipers, especially when the windshield is hot can cause the wipers to wear down prematurely. Make sure to only use the wipers when it’s raining.

5.  Don’t park in direct sunlight

Try to avoid parking in direct sunlight, as the sun’s powerful UV rays can cause the windshield wipers to dry up and crack. Parking in the shade will not only protect your wipers, but prevent your car’s paint from fading or discoloring.

New Website Launched!

applying-tire-dressingWelcome to our new website! We felt it was time for a new website that properly reflects our commitment to professionalism and attention-to-detail with our auto detailing services. We will be updating our website every week with new blog posts and articles on how to maintain your car so it stays looking clean and beautiful.

Thank you to all our loyal customers that trust us with their auto detailing needs. If you’re looking to have your car cleaned and detailed to an immaculate condition, give us a call at (610)203-3415 or request an appointment to have us come right to your doorstep. Our mobile detailing service is at your convenience and makes it a hassle-free experience for your favorite car to be cleaned!