How to Prepare & Protect Your Car for Winter Driving


Making sure your car is well prepared for the upcoming winter months will ensure your safety and vehicle’s reliability. We’ve covered a few important tips to make sure you don’t have to deal with the hassle of being stuck on the side of the road during a heavy snow storm. Even if you have the convenience of roadside assistance, it may be hours before someone can reach you. The following vehicle checklist to make your car fully prepared for inclement weather will give you the peace of mind in avoiding any mishaps:

1. Check the battery level to ensure the charging system is at optimal levels. Colder temperatures and snowy terrain take a heavy toll on battery power.
2. Flush out and put in new antifreeze solution
3. Replace wiper blades with blades designed to protect from ice and snow. Choose a heavier gauge synthetic blend that can resist tearing and ripping even in sub-zero temperatures.
4. Consider replacing tires with winter tires specially designed for treading in snow and slick roads. Vehicles without all-wheel drive will benefit largely from winter performance tires.
5. Check the brakes and service your pads or rotors if necessary.
6. Stock a snow kit consisting of an ice scraper, snow brush and jumper cables.

Taking heed of the advice will make sure your car is in tip-top shape to take on any dangerous roads in the winter. The harsh winter with sleet, freezing rain or salted roads are especially harsh on car paint. Have your vehicle fully detailed and protected from the elements by scheduling an appointment with Mobile Auto Salon: (610)203-3415


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