Professional Car Detailing for the Summer

Clipboard01With bright and sunny days ahead for the Summer, now is the best time to pamper your car by a car detailing professional. Keeping your car well-maintained with a high glossy wax finish will turn heads and impress anyone on the road.

The car detailing experts at Mobile Auto Salon will ensure your car is meticulously detailed, cleaned and polished. If you live in and around the Greater Philadelphia area, we will come right to your home or office to detail your car.

Many luxury car owners from Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and BMW hire Mobile Auto Salon for a high-end wash, clean and polish. Properly detailing your car comes with a long list of steps and particular care must be taken in order to minimize water spots, eliminate scratches and cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

When detailing the interior of your car, a professional must be thorough with vacuuming places like seat gaps, crevices, air vents, infotainment panels, trunk space and more. Car detailing is a meticulous, but rewarding process and will give you the added appreciation the next time you take your favorite car for a spin.

Give your car a professional detail with Mobile Auto Salon. Give us a call today to make an appointment today: (610)203-3415


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