Car Detailing Blue Bell PA Residents Should Spring For

car detailing blue bell paWhether detailing is something you do for your car regularly or are thinking about trying, now is the perfect time to go for it. Undoubtedly, the long winter has left a grimy layer of rock salt on your vehicle, which can have destructive consequences for its paint job. As car lovers, that’s why we recommend car detailing. Blue Bell PA counts on us to get the job done.

Why Rock Salt is a Big Problem for Your Car

Ice melt, or rock salt, may be a lifesaver when it comes to creating safe driving conditions during winter weather. However, when it sticks to your car’s exterior, its corrosiveness starts to eat away at the paint and can do a lot of damage. Even worse, once warm weather returns, the effects of any rock salt still clinging to your car can be even worse. That’s why it’s imperative to schedule your car detailing before spring.

Our Car Detailing Services

For car detailing Blue Bell PA residents can count on against winter damage, Mobile Auto Salon offers something to fit every budget:

  • Classic: This deep cleaning option is the basis for each of our premier detailing choices. It includes a thorough shampoo and cleaning of the interior, as well as a complete exterior wash and wax by hand.
  • Gold: To bump the treatment up a notch, we recommend the Gold package. Because it includes a special 3-in-1 exterior paint treatment, it offers a higher level of protection in addition to an intensive clean.
  • Platinum: This one’s for the car aficionado who wants a showroom-quality detailing. This treatment uses our highest-quality, limited-quantity products to provide the ultimate car wax and care system.

View all of our packages! No matter which level of detailing you choose, our expertise makes us the best choice for car detailing Blue Bell PA vehicles.

Car Detailing Blue Bell PA Prefers

Our customers love our convenience and customer service. Simply visit our website to make an appointment online or call us at 610-203-3415 to schedule an appointment. You choose the time and the place, and we come to you with our fully equipped mobile auto detailing truck. It is that easy to have a car that sparkles to welcome the spring.