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Having your car detailed can be a total game-changer and help an old car feel like new, but what is car detailingHow do we help your car feel like new? At Mobile Auto Salon, we offer a variety of car detailing packages, ranging from basic detailing all the way to a premium experience.

what is car detailing

Classic Detail

Our classic detail package is the base of all of our car detailing services. A thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of your vehicle, our classic detail is the gold standard for car detailing services.

On the Inside

We start inside your vehicle where we conduct a spot clean of the headliner and visors, and thoroughly vacuum and clean your interior. We dress your dash and console then Spot shot all visible stains. Next we shampoo and clean all floor mats, carpet, and fabric upholstery, and clean, dress, and condition all vinyl and leather. We finish up your interior by dressing rubber moldings and cleaning all interior glass and mirrors.

On the Outside

Exterior car detailing begins with a hand wash and dry of the whole exterior. Then we clean and dress the wheels and wheel wells and clean down your door jams. After removing any bugs or tar, we hand wax your car with premium high-gloss wax and apply a one-coat glaze. Finally, we polish chrome and clean your glass and mirrors to leave your car as sparkling clean as the day you bought it.

Gold Detail

Our gold car detail package starts with the same magnificent clean and attention to detail included with our classic package. We up the ante with the power of orbital machine waxing and a 3-step exterior paint solution that removes imperfections and seals your paint from the elements.

Platinum Detail

Because you deserve nothing but the best, we also offer a platinum car detailing package, featuring hand blended and poured SwissVax products.

On the Inside

In addition to the stellar clean of our gold package, the Mobile Auto Salon Platinum Detail includes a leather cleaner, conditioner, and colorless glaze to wipe away imperfections and reduce signs of wear on your leather interior.

On the Outside

Our platinum service extends all the way to your car’s exterior. We hand wash your vehicle with a paint preserving solution that removes swirl marks, light scratches, and other debris without the use of any abrasives. This is followed by our famous Concorso™ wax to give your paint job a luster like no other. We finish your platinum car detailing experience with a layer of carnauba wax for a long-lasting shine. 

What is Car Detailing? It’s Our Specialty

Whether you choose to go with classic car detailing or treat yourself to a platinum experience, Mobile Auto Salon is here to help you keep your car looking its best. Schedule your detailing today!


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